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Mercedes Tuning

When it comes to Mercedes Tuning there are lots of parts available for a large number of cars and different types of cars. Depending the model of the car you can choose between extra accessories or complete bodykits and all are designed only for Mercedes cars. Besides modifying the appearance of the car you can also choose to upgrade the engine. The engine can perform lots better with some new settings in the software of the car. To make this possible Mercedes Chiptuning delivers an answer. While using chiptuning you will get results with your car that are better then you ever could have dreamed. This is exactly what Mercedes Tuning is informing you about. We make sure that u know what the possibilities are when it comes to upgrading the performance of your car.

Mercedes tuning | Mercedes Chiptuning

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Through the years this renomated brand has build lots of very reliable cars that are not only known for there durability but also because of the performance of these different models. Allthough the results are incredible for this brand still with some modifications to the engine there can be even better and more impressive results for the different types and models. By testing the cars to the maximum and then analysing the results from the cars computer, software modifications can be made. With these modifications the car will not only perform even better but also there will be quit a difference in miles to the gallon ratio. And with these 2 primary possitive outcomes it makes it possible to drive an expensive car and still save up some money.

How? Mercedes chiptuning is an investment in the future. The engine will have more tork and power wich in turn results in the fact that you do not have to put so much gas into it to reach the same speed. The engine has to work less hard and thus becomes more durable and with better miles to the gallon. Lets say you had to make 4000 RPM to reach a speed of 75 MPH and lets say this results in a fueluse of 1:7,5 (1 litre of fuel : 7,5 miles). If you do choose for Mercedes tuning modifications it's very well possible that your car only has to make 3000 RPM to reach the same speed of 75 MPH wich in turn results in a fuelusage of 1:8,75 (1 litre of fuel on 8.75 miles). That sounds like quit an improvement doesn't it? (This is just an example not based on real facts but it serves as a explanation)

Mercedes Chiptuning for differtent types and models.

We'll try to explain everything on this site as good as we can. We are going to discuss the engine variaties of tuning and not the bodykit part or improving the appearance of the car. With this new technology it has become possible to make Mercedes Tuning for each individual car in stead of improving the complete load. Mercedes Chiptuning for your Mercedes is now possible by using certified tuning partners from all around the world.