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What is Mercedes chiptuning and what does it do for your car? Tuning is all about improving the performance of your car. This can be a top speed improvement or faster acceleration or getting more miles to the gallon. All kinds of modifications that have a positive influence on the performance of the car. But how do these modification come to exist? Tuning manufacturers do a complete diagnostic test on a testcourse. The results of these tests are being analysed, then edited and used in the new software for the car that is being used by Mercedes chiptuning. The car uses the software of the motormanagement wich in turn has been modified wich makes all the positive change possible.

Mercedes tuning | Mercedes Chiptuning

The difference between tuning and chiptuning

There absolutely is a difference between the two. When the movies "The fast and the Furios" and "2 Fas 2 Furios" came out in cinema's the tuning scene bursted open. Every young person immediatly started to modifying there car or buying modified cars so they could race them against others. The cars were being modified not only in appearance but also under the hood. The choise for NOS (Nitrous Oxides) was easily made. All modifications made to the cars were known as tuning. Chiptuning in fact is part of the tuning scene since it is all about modifying the cars performance. Today there is little difference between the two. In countries like the Netherlands and Belgium the people like to drive the upgraded cars without showing it on the outside. This is were Mercedes chiptuning comes in.

Mercedes tuning came to be in the same period of time since people who owned a mercedes also wanted to better performaces of the cars. Tuning manufacturors heard the cry for help from the market and started developping these modules for the cars. Every brand and more then often every type and model uses it's own software of chips in the motormanagement. So the manufacturors had to develop the software for every brand, every model and every type of engine. Because the did it for the consumers so the can profit to from the modifications made to the cars.

3 Different types of Mercedes chiptuning

There are in fact three different types of chiptuning. First off there is the OBD version. OBD stands for On Board Diagnosis. In this variaty the tuner reads the motormanagement software through the diagnostic cable of the car. Then the modifactions are made through the same cable so the car starts using the new software. In this variaty no extra chips of modifications are required to get the better performance. This in fact is maybe the most easy type of Mercedes tuning. The second method is a way in wich a chip of the motormanagement gets replaced by a new and modified one. The programs that use this chip get optimized for better performance and have got no choise but to use it. The third and final method is the powerbox method. An external computer gets placed between the factorycomputer and the fuelpomp. This module then send "false" information to the chip of the motormanagement to influence this one. This third method is the easiest one to place or remove from your engine and that is why this method is also very populair for leased cars and in turn is the most popular Mercedes Chiptuning way.


With a small investment in Mercedes ChipTuning lots more power

Now you can profit too with more power and more tork in your car for a relative small investment. With some brands it's even the case that a certain type of engine gets better results when chiptuned that the one step more expensive engine. A 2 Litre 126 BHP with mercedes chiptuning can provide a little of 150 BHP when in turn the engine wich comes standard with a 150 BHP costs a little over 2,000 dollars extra when you initialy purchase the car. So the small investment of only a view honderd dollars can give you better results.

Cheap Mercedes Chiptuning is often more expensive

When you choose for the cheaper Mercedes chiptuning it can cost you dearly. You may think that you gotten a good chiptuning module for only have the price but in facts that manufacturor did not invest enough in analysing the proper diagnostic values of the engine. In turn this can result in sever engine damage wich can cost you up to a couple of thousand dollars for a new engine. Therefor we can only advise to contact your Mercedes chiptuning specialist and get the information you need before making a decission.